Saturday, July 4, 2009

Touch of Our Savior's Hand

What was your God moment this week? Karinann has a beautiful blog and she asked us this question this week. When have we experienced Our Savior's Touch? Well I already tried to post a reply to this and my computer shut off completely. Must be a good one since the evil one is at work in trying to stop me..... but as I try again to continue this I was thinking of those moments like the woman at the well that we asked Jesus to give us this "life giving water"? I think that the most water is given to us when we thirst for other souls. At those moments when I feel this immense love within me that I know I am so undeserving of, this love is meant for me to give to others. That is what I do, at each moment when I feel this loving thirst for others, one of my children or a neighbor who is suffering I send to them in my prayers this love, this thirst for their salvation. I feel I can never repay Our Lord for all the suffering he has endured for us, and so much mercy he has given to me in my life, that this same love is given to each of us. All we have to do is ask for it, like the woman at the well. Well before my post disappears I am going to post this as it is.

God bless you and may we all experience Jesus' Touch in our lives.


Karinann said...

You linked just fine. What a beautiful post! I look forward to reading more of your blog. Thanks for participating.
God Bless!

Lynny said...

Oh thank you Karinann for your comment and I look forward to participating in more of your "MeMe's" (I think this is the correct term).
God bless,