Thursday, July 9, 2009

Is your Love, "Too Ardent"?

This is me! Since I was a teenager.

St. Therese writes this:

My heart, sensitive and affectionate as it was, would have easily surrendered had it found a heart capable of understanding it. I tried to make friends with little girls my own age, and especially with two of them, I Loved them and they, in their turn, loved me insofar as they were capable, But alas! How narrow and flighty is the heart of creatures! Soon I saw my love was misunderstood..... I felt this and I did not beg for an affection that was refused............... How can I thank Jesus for making me find "only bitterness in earth's friendships". With a heart such as mine, I would have allowed myself to be taken and my wings to be clipped, and then how would I have been able to "fly and be at rest?" (Ps. 54:7). How can a heart given over to the affection of creatures be intimately united with God? I feel this is not possible. Without having drunk the poisoned cup of a too ardent love of creatures, I feel I cannot be mistaken. I have seen so many souls, seduced by this false light, fly like poor moths and burn their wings, and then return to the real and gentle light of Love, that gives them new wings which are more brilliant and delicate, so that they can fly toward Jesus, the Divine Fire" which burns without consuming" [John of the Cross, The Living Flame of Love, 2: 2-4]. Ah! I feel it? Jesus knew I was too feeble to be exposed to temptation.... I encountered only bitterness where stronger souls met with joy, and they detached themselves from it through fidelity. I have no merit at all, then, in not having given myself up to the love of creatures. I was preserved from it only through God's mercy!

Story of a Soul,

Chapter IV

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