Sunday, September 27, 2009

What was I thinking?

Hello friends,
It has been a very busy last couple of weeks with adjusting to college after ten years. I must say alot has changed. They used to hand you a book and tell you to memorize it. Not anymore. They want to "see" the learning. So lots and lots of papers and research on top of the book. lol.

Anyway, I really am enjoying my classes if my head does not explode first. I am taking 5 courses. yes! you are reading correctly.

I just thought I would let you all know I am still here but have not had time to post anything and I will try to see what you all have been up too!!


Friday, September 4, 2009

College Bound

Thank you Jesus!
I will be going to college next week. I am so excited.

Thank you all for your prayers!


Great Blog post!

This post really struck a cord within me.
From Adrienne's Catholic Corner
Titled "We are all abused children". Worth a read.

God bless

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


My disappointments lately....
I still have not heard from financial aid so as of tomorrow I will have to drop my classes. I can try again for the Spring. I still have not found a job. I thought I had a chance where my Daughter works but they don't hire family in the same building. We have 12.9 percent unemployment rate. I still have no hot water in over 2 months now and still owe the plumber who came to TRY and fix it. I just wish the Lord could pick me up and plop me where he wants me. So confusing.

Those words from last week keep coming to my mind when I said, "Forgive Us Our Grumbling". I am trying Lord! REALLY I am trying not to complain and offer up my little disappointments.

Prayers are always welcome my friends.



MEN who love God are so far from complaining of their sufferings, that their complaint and their suffering is rather because the suffering which God's will has assigned them is so small. All their blessedness is to suffer by God's will, and not to have suffered something, for this is the loss of suffering. This is why I said, Blessed are they who are willing to suffer for righteousness, not, Blessed are they who have suffered.

All that a man bears for God's sake, God makes light and sweet for him.

If all was right with you, your sufferings would no longer be suffering, but love and comfort.

If God could have given to men anything more noble than suffering, He would have redeemed mankind with it: otherwise, you must say that my Father was my enemy, if he knew of anything nobler than suffering.

True suffering is a mother of all the virtues.