Thursday, July 9, 2009

Have you ever experienced God slowing down time?

Well let me say what a night tonight was.....
I left early to go to the Monastery in Barrington for the annual Novena. I left early thinking I would pray the Liturgy of the Hours, (which I neglected all day) while waiting for Mass to start at 7:30 pm. It is 6:15 and my car is having electrical problems and my lights are going on and off inside the car and the car locks are unlocking and locking and squealing and just awful noise.
Okay "Lord help me deal with this noise please". Get down Airport Road when all the traffic is blocked and we are redirected through the back roads. The traffic was so slow and all of us wondering what the problem was. Seems that Vice President Biden is in town but that is only a rumor. Anyway, finally get on the freeway and it is already going on 7pm. I'm thinking of turning back and going home between the noise in my car and all the traffic jams. Nope! I am too stuborn for that and God knows it. lol

Miss the ramp to get on the freeway and had to turn around. Get on the freeway and lots and lots of traffic.

One other thing I need to remember is do not listen to my husband but the Holy Spirit prompting me. Because now we have a new overpass to the exit to Barrington. My head tells me one thing and my husband said another. "You got it! I listened to hubby and had to turn around again and find my way back to the exit I needed earlier. Now at this point I have 5 minutes to get to Mass on time. I truely believe that God slowed down time for me because there is no way to get to my destination at the Monastery in 5 minutes. But now as I was getting closer and closer to the Monastery I am thinking this is so do-able. Truely a God moment for me. I get to the Monastery, my car still making all kinds of noises. They were just starting the First Reading and I must say it was so well worth it.

Our celebrant was Fr. John Vidmar, o.p. from Providence College and he was just awesome. I could have listened all night long. Thank you Father God for all you have given me, especially Jesus in the blessed Sacrament, Our Mother Mary, and the miracle of slowing down time for me. And Father God please bless Fr. John for truely he blessed us all tonight. In Jesus precious name we pray!

God bless,

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