Saturday, July 11, 2009

Canning Season!

What I accomplished today!
I picked some blackberries and raspberries from my yard and made 8 half-pints of blackberry jam and 7 half-pints of raspberry jam.

Then I made 5 pints of salsa.
Monday is the first day of blueberry picking and I can't wait. Yummy!


Ioannes said...

Linda, I wish that I had married you. A great Catholic, a great mom and a great berry canner, too!


Anne said...

Do you grow the berries? I have blackberry bushes in my backyard-love them! But my pride and joy is my grape vine arbor. I get really busy in September and October making lots and lots of jelly. I usually give away about 80 jars at Christmas time and still have enough for my family to eat all year!

Linda said...

I do grow my own blackberries and raspberries. My brother gave me 6 little transplants a few years ago and now they have taken over a big huge area. Behind them is my grapes which I have yet to can any. I will have to get the recipe from you. I don't have my own blueberries yet. But someday I hope too. My favorite is the Raspberries and they have grown underneath the big leaves from the grapes and they shade seems to be providing me with huge berries this year. God knows what he is doing for sure having them side by side.

Oh and Paul, you are so funny. I know plenty of Catholic woman who would love to make you some jam and jellies just send them my way and I will teach them. lol