Friday, July 31, 2009

Release that Person who hurt you!

Release that Person who hurt you into the Lord's hands. Jesus please wash away any negativity that may be rooted in my soul by accepting this person's abuse or betrayal. I surrender this person to the Lord Jesus and ask Jesus to break any unhealthy ties to my soul.

Jesus please place your love and forgiveness into my heart and cleanse me of all resentment and negativity. Jesus into your hands I commend my spirit. I am your child Father God and I want to be free to be what you intended me to be. Amen


Anne said...

Linda, I think you wrote this for me today. I've been suffering terribly at the hands of my sister, it's time to release her to God and stop putting myself through anguish. Thanks for the positive message!

Linda said...

Sounds like both our sisters sweetheart. I must say my husband is very upset right now with mine after what she said to my old boyfriend. I am getting the feeling that others are also suffering the same way, that is usually how the Holy Spirit works in the Church. Different sufferings but similar reasons. I have lots of people to release today.
Bless you!

Ioannes said...


Given my divorce, your post is quite appropriate.

Linda said...

Yes for sure after all you have been through. You will receive a whole new freedom of spirit. Praying for you!

Mary333 said...

Your prayer is beautiful, like that of a child placing her hand into her Fathers' with total trust. I loved it!

John said...

Absolutely right! Tahnk you for sharing this! I must remember this for when I am struggling with problems of my own! We must give everything up to God! Thanks again! You are an inspiration! :)