Sunday, July 12, 2009

Day Six: Novena of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Sixth Day

Mary, untiring seeker of God

Listening to the Word: The finding in the temple (Lk 2: 41-50)

Reflection: Mary and Joseph are distressed at the loss of their
son, Jesus. They set out to search for him and find him after
three days. In our life sometimes it seems that Jesus hides
himself from us and leaves us alone. What do we do?
Do we despair? Do we turn towards other goods?
Or do we set out in search of Jesus so as not to loose
him ever again. Mary and Joseph teach us to be untiring
seekers of God, because he has made us for himself and
our heart is restless until it rests in him (St. Augustine).

Prayer: Dear Mary, untiring seeker of God,
give us the strength you had in seeking your Jesus
who was lost in the temple.

Dear Mary, untiring seeker of God, guide our steps
so that on life's journey we may always follow Jesus,
lighthouse that enlightens us.

Dear Mary, Mother most pure, be our faithful
companion on the journey towards Jesus.

My commitment is to pray more in times when
Jesus seems to have abandoned me.

Flower of Carmel
Vine blossom-laden,
splendor of heaven,
Child-bearing yet maiden,
None equals thee.
Mother so tender,
whom no man didst know,
On Carmel's children
thy favours bestow,
Star of the sea.

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