Sunday, December 27, 2009

I just don't know what to do to keep busy?

Anyone? Now I have a few weeks off before next semester. I was able to get my grades on Christmas Day. Wooooooo hoooooo! Straight A's. I already can't wait till next semester. So what is everyone doing? My inquiring mind wants to know. lol.

Leave some love please!


Mary333 said...

Straight A's! Congratulations! You don't know what to do to keep busy? You could update us on how you have been doing:)I hope you had a great Christmas!

I have been working, blogging, writing poetry and taking care of Michaela; she has this week off from school. I'm sending a hug your way :)

Linda said...

I am doing very well. I am kinda at a crossroads spiritually. I wrote a letter to leave my order because of some problems within the community and was asked not to leave yet. I saw a friend yesterday who I have not seen in over a year. Her boys are now in a foster home, her daughter is in another home for girls and her baby was taken from her at birth and he is now a year old, and her oldest daughter is living with her mother. I just kept thinking about how we need to pray for the families today who are broken and being separated because of money and the economy. And well so much going on in my life. I love college and I so feel like this is where I should be. I am trying to get my degree in Mental Health and Substance abuse and hopefully someday to be a counselor. I hope someday to be able to help people like my friend who are so broken.

I did have a wonderful Christmas and I am looking forward to Midnight Mass on New Year's Eve.

I really don't have any words of wisdom for anyone and just love to hear from everyone.
Now is Michaela the little one who was writing for your blog a few months ago? And as always your blog was the first one I went to visit because they so fill me with goodness. Your a blessing to each of us.

Mary333 said...

I am glad you like college, I think you will make a great counselor, I know a lot of broken people, too. Last winter I lost a nephew to a drug overdose and a few weeks ago the 18 year old son of one of our friends overdosed, also. It's heartbreaking. You are right, I think families need a lot of prayer in our days.

God bless you, Linda!

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