Tuesday, June 9, 2009

God secretly teaches the Soul

God has an immense desire to work in your soul, to lead you to sanctity and to union with Himself, provided we commit ourselves into His hands. The Lord Jesus comes to our assistance with purifying trials in order to empty us of self, to detach us from creatures, and to immerse ourselves in true humility. God secretly teaches the soul and instructs it in the perfection of love.

I have been studying lately the Doctors of the Church. And well it all comes down to one thing, pray and study the Word of God. The more we meditate on Scripture the more God works in our souls.

Coming soon I am working on a website on the Doctors of the Catholic Church. I have many, many, homilies from the great Saints. A treat that will be coming soon.
But if you want a sneak peak then go here. I have more coming this weekend.

God bless,

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Ioannes said...

Hi, Linda! I encouraged my readership to visit your blogsite and put a link to it in my blog list. Good job!