Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Pillow?

Can you offer up a pillow?

Answer: Yes you can and this is why!

Well if you were married to my husband....when I wake up in the morning there is this stentch of what I call the "brown breeze". It is my husband's pillow. I have tried everything to get rid of it. He sweats so bad that it gets so wet and stinky. He tells me that his pillow smells like sweet petunias in a nice summer day blowing in the breeze. Well I haven't smelled petunias but I can guarantee they don't smell like this.

I have even tried covering his pillows with plastic bags and put the pillowcase over it. But the smell goes right through the pillow. I buy new ones for him and within a week, the smell is back again. So one day I decided that I would just "Offer It Up" for all my sins. It must have some value; for suffering is involved especially when I wake up to this every morning! Then I thank God that my husband is still next to my side!

Have a wonderful day everyone! Remember: "Offer it Up"!


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Deb said...

As long as I can remember my dad used Brylcreem in his hair. Remember 'A little dab will do you?' Not my dad. A LOT did him. He'd stain the pillows and cases. He stained the headboard on their bed. Mom complained all the time. Dad died last year. What does mom complain about now? That she doesn't have to clean those darned pillows and pillowcases and get that gunk off the headboard. You might miss those brown pillows someday. Love ya!